Bernie Or Bust – What is it?

Bernie Or Bust – What is it?
By David Krout, David K? Productions
Updated 7:40 PM ET, Thu April 7, 2016
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During the length of the campaign many fans of Vermont’s Senator, Bernie Sanders, have gone Bernie or Bust, or #BernieOrBust on Facebook and Twitter. If you take into account that there are a ton of unaffiliated and independent voters switching to democrat only for Bernie Sanders you will understand a little more about my own perspective about Bernie or Bust.

In my mind, Bernie or Bust means that we will join the Democratic Party for Bernie Sanders. I do not vote for a party, I vote for a person that I think will do the best for our country; someone who actually cares about our people. I always make an informed vote and this year it is not simply a political campaign as much as it is a social justice cause.

I want someone who is a moral, fair, equal, and just person. I want someone who will try to do what they say they will do and someone who actually wants to help people. I want someone who does not do or say things simply for the popular vote. I believe in Bernie Sanders because he has consistently fought for the environment, the people, our veterans, and he has made good choices throughout his career.

#BernieOrBust is a movement that means they are voting for the Democratic Party for Bernie Sanders. We will not vote for the party because of their title. We will either write-in Bernie Sanders, we will vote for a third party, or we may not vote at all. I have no doubt that Bernie Sanders will win as a frontrunner. The odds are clearly stacked against him. If he does not win, I do hope there will be a revolution.

Bernie or Bust is simply not voting for the secondary running democrat, Hillary Clinton. For the sake of this article, I will not talk about my lack of respect for her. This has nothing to do with “privilege”. Sure, that argument is a great guilt trip to get others to switch their vote and I am sure it does work for some. However, for people like me, we do not want to vote for someone who works against our own principles or “the lesser evil”. We will not vote in a criminal as our president.

If you want someone who can and will beat Donald Trump pick Bernie SandersBecause, the one thing you can be sure of is, we will not vote for Hillary Clinton.

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4 thoughts on “Bernie Or Bust – What is it?

  1. I agree with your underlying principle, to vote for the candidate that resonates with you. But that person usually isn’t on the ballot. This is one paragraph in my latest letter seeking supporters: “You are aware that political parties are just clubs that have wedged themselves between the People and their government. They enact laws that obstruct competition, isolate disfavored people, empower themselves, and enrich their campaign funders. The current “election” is a public subsidy for the selection of political party delegates who will select candidates that represent the parties, not necessarily, or likely, the People. The ’70’s $3.00 donation to Presidential campaigns and political party conventions facilitated that takeover. Donors had no idea whose money they were supplementing. Thereafter, public subsidies to businesses increased as the wealth and influence of most citizens declined.”

    I naively accepted, and donated, at the time, but now see that that helped get us to where we are now. I cannot silently accept the harm that has been deliberately perpetuated upon so many, and the crises being left to young people like yourself, our Mother, Earth, and everything/everyone else as well. From a justice issue rectifying the Citizens United decision, it has morphed into a moral cause.

    My best suggestion for implementing repair is $7.00/year for “Taxation With Representation” @thefairelection

    1. This is pretty much why I would give my vote to Veterans Party of America. They only need 7% of the vote in every state in order to be an official party that the Government would have to recognize. The thing is, Bernie Sanders seems like a once in a life time deal, so I went with him instead. I can always vote VPA four years from now and advertise them. Unless Bernie is our president, more than likely I’ll go for him again. Or help them still… If Bernie is our president, he will probably remain for another four years.

  2. I don’t remember when it happened, but I remember why. I realized that H was the antithesis of everything that sold me on voting for Bernie Sanders – integrity, honesty, foresight, wisdom, patience, empathy, passion for justice, and most of all, a ridiculous amount of determination to rid the USA of corrupt campaign financing and make the 1% pay their fair share. It just hit me one day that as a politician, H didn’t have these qualities. Maybe in her personal relationships as a mother, wife, grandmother for friend, people could say these things about her, but not as a potential POTUS. I just couldn’t envision that happening. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I have been asleep for a very long time. Bernie Sanders woke me up. And Hillary was just a dream. And not a very good one at that.

  3. Not really sure were you are getting your info from. It’s pretty obvious that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders don’t represent the parties they have been running within. And while the US Constitution doesn’t mention delegate selection for primaries, it does talk about electors being the ones that cast votes for president and vice president.

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